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Agriculture is getting smarter. This is nothing new. However, smart doesn’t only include technological innovations. In the end it is about the farmer and how he or she can assure a high return on investment without giving up on any core values.


Today, lots of data collection and sensor solutions exists. However, the data that is gathered isn’t important enough for the farmer. Maybe it can provide information about nitrogen-levels or biomass. This is indeed a nice-to-have, but is it really the biggest problems or needs for farmers?


Would it not be better if precision farming systems could detect drainage problems, pests, diseases or weeds before they become visible for the human eye?


Glana Sensors hyperspectral imaging solution is suitable specifically for agriculture use. Our solution is based on a modified conventional camera in combination with advanced signal processing algorithms. It can be integrated in precision farming systems to analyse some of the issues described below.


Plant height



Plant count

Several nutrients

Water levels





There are a wide range of companies offering solutions for precision farming. By using our sensor solution, many benefits are attained. You can probably figure out some of the benefits that follows upon detection of the issues described above. To mention a few:


Detection of issues which enables targeted efforts and maximised labor productivity


Measurements of crop performance and more efficient zone planning


Appliance of pesticides and herbicides only where 
the risk or problem 
is imminent


Better harvest planning and yield prediction 
enabling better price optimisations


More efficient appliance of fertilisers, leads to decreased fuel and fertiliser costs


More advanced tools for advisors, leading to better on-farm recommendations


We know that farmers are smart. They don’t take unnecessary risks and want to know that their investments lead to high returns on investment. We also know that there are a number of companies in pursuit of delivering the most value to farmers by combining sensor data, analytics and agronomy knowledge.


By using our sensor solution, the data collected combined with analysis and services, will become huge advantages for agriculture clients.


Today, a mix of visual sensors and multispectral sensors is used for agriculture purposes. These sensors can indeed be carried by unmanned aerial or ground vehicles and collect data on plant count and vegetation. However, to get access to the highlighted benefits above, hyperspectral solutions such as Glana’s are needed.


Glana’s hyperspectral solution is in many ways better than existing hyperspectral cameras. For example by offering better surface coverage, better signal-noise ratio, low stability needs and the ability to create 3D-structures.


1. Data collection
2. Sensor data
3. AI and analysis
4. On-farm advisory
5. Farm use


Glana Sensors AB is a startup located in Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping, Sweden. Our team exists of driven entrepreneurs as well as recognised scientists and developers.


Our patent pending technology is a result from years of research, led by scientists at Linköping University and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).


Our success is dependent of a broad number of important partners in different areas. For example a number of farms and greenhouses, UAV companies, research institutes, development arenas, advisors and suppliers. Some of them are listed below. Do you think we could find ways to collaborate? Please contact us!


As our process describe, we are not alone in this. We think the best way to make use of our innovative technology is to team up with experts in every step of the process. Do you think we could benefit from each other? Please contact us!

Right now we are in the process of proving that our technology really leads to the benefits described above. We have a working business concept, all the way from drone flights to agronomical advice. Are you in the agriculture business and want to be one of our pilot customers? You are more than welcome to reach out to us!


Patrik Björklund, CSO
  +46 (0)73 043 35 79

Emil Krutmeijer, COO
  +46 (0)70 685 17 17

Jörgen Ahlberg, CTO
  +46 (0)70 675 73 84